About UOV:  

I initially founded Using Our Voice in order to call for submissions on an upcoming book collaboration from survivors all over the world including artwork, poetry, songs, stories, etc. Since then it has become so much more, including the beginnings of a charity foundation for survivors of high control organizations to empower them to explore their talents, engage themselves in self expression, and propel them forward into higher education.

There are many different groups focusing on areas to assist survivors and this is by no means an exclusive organization. I am all for collaboration. The UOV fund has not only sponsored me to travel to Pensylvannia and stand with Mark Rozzi , Barbara Anderson,  Martin Haugh , and others to show support out in favor of reforming statute of limitations legislation in PA and speaking out against silencing victims of abuse, but it has also supported A&E’s Romy Maple via donated funds that assisted her in traveling to the annual ICSA conference in PA this past July.

My future goals for this cause include:

  More successful survivor spotlights like Romy, and utilizing these funds to empower survivors that have been silenced by high control organizations or been victims of sexual abuse to seek higher education, get back on their feet, and find freedom through self expressionism.

– Founding a charity for survivors of High Control Organizations based on this GoFundMe so that they may recieve:

* Educational Grants, Information on Public Aid, Mentoring/Empowerment.

* Crisis Assistance (Therapy, Emergency Housing, Safe Space, Etc.)

* Grow a support network with other charities, physicians, certified survivor mentors, and more to assist survivors nationwide.

* Nominate and fund survivors who are up and coming artists, musicians, public figures, reporters, educators, mentors, or otherwise who have overcome their pasts and grown into powerhouses who give back to their communities via their voices.

– Publishing a book of survivor’s experiences, stories, artwork, poetry, and crafting featuring members of the LGBTQ community, undocumented immigrants, people of color, survivors of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and more involving what they endured, how they got through it, and how they are finding happiness, passion, and their voices now in their new lives and becoming their true selves.

​- Continuing my Youtube Channel which would feature: interviews, reporting, talk segments, art spotlights, poetry readings, and focus on humanizing and really exploring in-depth feelings and realizations people have realized since leaving High Control Organizations such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Scientologists, etc.

– Seeking justice for my own story, and also finding my own way into higher education in order to elevate myself beyond the situation I’ve been dealt, to have a happier, successful life, and do something I love.

For more information on how you can help feel free to visit here, or visit us on facebook for further updates.