Use Our Voice Book Project:

Use Our Voice will be publishing a book of survivor’s experiences, stories, artwork, poetry, and crafting featuring members of the LGBTQ community, undocumented immigrants, people of color, survivors of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, etc.

It will involve what you endured, how you got through it, and how you are finding happiness, passion, and your voice now in your new life and empowering your true inner self.

Please submit your entries and author bios to with the subject: Book Submission.

Use Our Voice Art Installations/Galleries:

Our Current Project is a moving art installation that will be featured at our protest in Reading, PA on August 24th. 

This is an open call for submissions from survivors of all High Control Organizations, especially former Jehovah’s Witnesses who would like to contribute their artwork, stories, or poetry to this installation. Your work will be featured along with several other artists publicly in an interactive art piece, complete with a story of a unnamed survivor climbing up the caging organization, through trauma, shunning, and silencing, into freedom and empowerment.

It will also be featured, along with a bio (can be anonymous as well) on the website.

Human rights abuses to be addressed at the event will include:

The silencing and shunning of domestic/sexual assault victims, LGBTQ, People of Color, Undocumented Immigrants, Conscientious Objectors who have been wrongly imprisoned due to following Watchtower Policy which has now been changed, Blood Transfusions and the shunning policies that lead to death, suicidality among shunned victims of abuse or those no longer Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc.

Please send all submissions and bios to with the subject: Protest Art.