UOV Internal Restructuring FAQ’S

ATTN All Rad Associates:

Today we are announcing a realignment of Use Our Voice in order to better serve our community and to prepare for the possibility of expanditure and exponential growth in 2020.

Use Our Voice has been very active in the past year engaging in protests, public speaking, resourcing developement and planning for survivors of sexual abuse and other traumatic aspects of leaving a High Control Organization, and otherwise.

We look forward to continuing effectively in this fashion in 2020, and in order to do so we will be taking time away from officially engaging in public forms of activism while we restructure and build the framework necessary to carry future plans forward.

This will include bringing on new and talented members to UOV’s ranks, team building, resource management, and event planning.

If you would like to be involved in future UOV projects please feel free to contact us as below.

Does that mean Use Our Voice will stop all activism?

In short, no. Use Our Voice will still actively be assisting survivors with finding local resources in therapy, legal representation, public speaking, and otherwise. 

This announcement only means that Use Our Voice will be undergoing structural change at this time and our public activism will be on a brief hold.

If you are a survivor of abuse seeking legal counsel, therapy, or how to navigate out of a high control group, please feel free to contact us via our information listed below this notice and we will be happy to assist you with finding resources.

If you are a survivor currently in an actively abusive environment, or in danger, we urge you to find a safe place in a neutral location (trusted friend or family member, or public place) and contact your local law enforcement.

If you are looking to protest in your area and looking for other local survivors, organizing tips, or protest consulting, please feel free to contact us via the information below.

For all other UOV news feel free to join our mailing list via the front page, or watch our blog or Facebook page for future updates!

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Stay Rad!
Chessa Manion
Founder of Use Our Voice