Use Our Voice takes Mandated Reporting seriously.

To show this, we will be partaking in Mandated Reporter Training and attaining certification in the next few weeks and will post publicly when we do.

Anyone who deals with survivors of sexual abuse knows of mandated reporting, but situations become precarious when a survivor confides that there is a case of ongoing or even suspected abuse in their home.

What are we to do when a situation like this occurs? If there is any question of how to handle a situation, always, always, ALWAYS involve a certified therapist, specialist, or local authority.

Do not take matters into your own hands. Do not wait and extend the time period a child could be in danger further.

There are different mandated reporting LAWS for each state, but each person should ask themselves and take a personal stand ethically with the following questions:
Will I allow a child to be endangered for a short time period at the request of the victim?

Will I turn a blind eye if I feel an allegation needs more credibility?

Will I personally attempt to intervene in a domestic violence situation and potentially endanger the victims further?

Use Our Voice’s stance on all of these issues will be: Call their local authorities. Put victims safety first. Advocate for any child in danger regardless of the circumstances.

This is a hard line to tread, but this is the field of activism and the movement we are a part of, and we are involved in this movement FOR ALL CHILDREN.

People make mistakes, Organizations fall short, but advocacy and safety for child victims must come before all else.

I highly recommend all organizations, groups, or persons engaging in advocacy or assistance for survivors to go through mandated reporting training in their area. If anyone has any further questions regarding mandated reporting laws, I encourage you to contact the authorities in your local area for more information.

Best Regards,

Chessa Manion
CEO of Use Our Voice