Thank you to everyone who donated and helped make Romy’s trip to PA more possible!

She successfully arrived to the conference successfully and has been busy ever since. I can’t wait to see her updates once she’s had time to settle back at home and take everything in. I’m sure it was an awesome experience! (I see her with so many lovely faces, including Sharon Tyson who I also can’t wait to see updates from!)

You can find updates about her and her story via her website:

or her facebook:

As for me and UOV, I’m taking a short break on updates or events for now as I am making a big move across country with my family and we’re going to take time to settle in and get things in order. There are a lot more things coming later on this year, just nothing I’m able to announce as of yet. 🙂

Thank you so much again to everyone who made both Romy and I’s trips a success via GoFundMe. Thank you for supporting survivors like us advancing ourselves and heading towards a brighter future!

Over everything, the sense of community and warmth both of us have felt from everyone since leaving and speaking out about what happened has been a bright light in a very dark place. I look forward to seeing where Romy goes from here on her own path, and I’m excited for my future too.

With all my love,

– Chessa